How to Join Our Crowdsale

First Steps

To begin, you will need a BitShares account.

This should be fairly simple, but in the event that you have any issues, please review the BitShares “Getting Started” Documentation.

Second Step

Once you have created and backed up your BitShares account, you will need to navigate from the home page to the deposits page.

Third Step

Once at the deposit page, you will need to select OpenLedger from the first drop-down menu.

Fourth Step

Once OpenLedger has been selected, select ETH from the second drop-down menu.

You can now fund your account.

An ETH address specific to your account should appear under “Deposit Instructions”. Our example address is blocked out in yellow. Deposit the desired amount of ETH to that address as you would any normal transaction. The OpenLedger Gateway requires a certain number of confirmations per deposit, so your ETH deposit should be credited to your account in a few minutes.

Navigate to the Exchange

After you have deposited the desired amount of ETH, navigate to the exchange page.

Find Markets

​Once at the exchange page, switch the tab on the right of your screen to “Find Markets”

Find the VRBTC Market

Enter the following search parameters:

Base Currency: OPEN.ETH

Asset Name: VRBTC

Click on the VRBTC market that appears. Make sure the issuer is specifically vr3000games.

You may now purchase VRBTC.

​Once at the VRBTC market page, you are able to purchase VRBTC at the rate of 12,500 VRBTC per ETH. The VRBTC will be credited to your account instantly. You are able to create a bid or ask in the market at any time, though the market will most likely not accept offers lower than the base sale.


You are now the proud owner of VRBTC.


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