Frequently Asked Questions

When can I purchase VRBTC?

The sale will begin November 1st 2017 and end once all VRBTC tokens are sold.

What payment method will be accepted in the crowdsale?

Ethereum (ETH) will be the primary payment method accepted for the crowdsale.

What is the price of VRBTC?

1 ETH will equal 12,500 VRBTC.

When will I receive my VRBTC?

You will receive your VRBTC the moment you purchase them.

What do I need to participate in the crowdsale?

The three main considerations needed are:

  • Ethereum
  • A BitShares account
  • Agreement to our Terms and Conditions.
Is VRBTC an ERC20 or similar Ethereum Smart Contract?

No. VRBTC is a User Issued Asset (UIA) on BitShares.

Can I view the Smart Contract source code?

Technically, yes. With BitShares UIAs, the smart contract bytecode is declared by data structures defined by the C++ core client. This is standard across every UIA and is not subject to any vulnerabilities possible in an Ethereum smart contract. Because it is magnitudes more secure, it is not entirely necessary to audit the smart contract in the "Ethereum" sense of the word.

However, one can still audit the BitShares source code here:

If you wanted to view VRBTC on the BitShares blockchain, that can be seen here:

Since BitShares is also a decentralized exchange, you can view market details and owner details on the same page at Cryptofresh.

Why BitShares?

There are many advantages to using BitShares over Ethereum for a wide range of tokens.

  • Security: secure smart contracts and tokens that cannot be hacked.
  • Industrial capacity: 100,000 TPS/OPS functional throughput, with more capacity on the way.
  • Decentralized exchange: trade any token for almost any currency, fiat or crypto, from the moment you deposit or purchase the token. No centralized entity, no downtime, no corruption/market fraud, better capacity than the Nasdaq.
  • Transferability and permissions: best account permissions management of any blockchain. Control every aspect of your accounts and your tokens.
  • Token-level regulation compliance: modify your tokens to be as regulation compliant as required, allowing for everything from on-chain KYC/AML filtering to transaction moderation and recall.
  • Fee pools: pay transaction fees in any token you own, as long as the token has a valid fee pool. No need to hold the native token to transact on the network.
  • Low fees: pre-defined and transparent fees averaging fractions of pennies. No surprises and no confirmation wait times, ever.  
How many VRBTC will be for sale?

1 Billion (1,000,000,000) VRBTC will be for sale. That is the maximum number of VRBTC that will ever exist.

When will VRBTC be tradable on exchanges?

You can begin trading VRBTC on BitShares immediately after purchasing them. Additionally, we plan to integrate VRBTC with Neosurf soon after launch, allowing you to purchase VRBTC with cash at 150,000+ approved Neosurf agents worldwide.

Where can I read your whitepaper?

You can find our whitepaper here: Whitepaper


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